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Fleet Technology Svc's, Inc. business partners receive best-in-class technology solutions and services designed for the transportation industry. We support companies and contractors of all sizes, whether you operate your own truck or manage a fleet, run a single bay or multi-bay repair shop, or operate another transportation-related business. Our products include Fleet Monkey for shop management, Fleet Watchdog to safeguard photographic records of your work, and Fleet IVMR to automate the creation of FedEx IVMRs. Empower your business with our Tech Support, Bookkeeping, and Business Administration services adapted for the trucking industry. Partner with us to save yourself time, money, and effort. Contact us to discuss the solution that best suits your needs.

Products and Services

Example of a FedEx IVMR produced by Fleet IVMR

Fleet IVMR

Fedex IVMRs made simple. Stop writing your FedEx IVMRs by hand. Choose our Fleet IVMR service to save yourself time and money.

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Fleet Monkey

Mobilize your shop with Fleet Monkey. Use tablets to track work orders and parts, automatically reorder parts, create invoices and bill customers.

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Fleet Watchdog Logo

Fleet Watchdog

Take photographic records of your work, secure them to our cloud, and manage them easily. We act as the neutral third party assuring the validity of your data.

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Fleet Technology Svc's, Inc. Tech Support

IT Services

Need tech support but not a full-time IT staff? Get a complete solution the way you need it. Our team delivers on-demand tech support to businesses from Springfield to Joplin and surrounding areas of southwest Missouri.

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Fleet Technology , Inc. Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Outgrowing your current bookkeeping solution? When you partner with us, you gain comprehensive bookkeeping services to transportation businesses. Let us take care of your numbers while you take care of your business.

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Fleet Technology Svc's, Inc. Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Run your business and let us do the rest. We provide extensive business support and administrative services tailored to the transportation industry. Inquire with us about a custom solution for your company.

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