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FleetIVMR - Individual Vehicle Mileage Report

Also called a Trip Sheet or Trip Report, truck drivers and transportation carriers use this report to record all travel (loaded, empty, deadhead or bobtail) miles, states, dates and other information to be used for IFTA, IRP as well as for quarterly and annual tax returns. Even large companies (such as FedEx Ground) require their contract carriers to submit these reports to them.  These records must be accurate and reflect ALL miles driven and submitted frequently, sometimes weekly!  Penalties and interest, in the case of taxes, can be imposed on truck drivers failing to provide accurate and timely IVMRs.

FleetIVMR takes a lot of work off the drivers and carriers hands.  Instead of having to hand-record each state border crossing or hub entrance, FleetIVMR takes the logs already being generated by a variety of services, such as PeopleNet, and in-cab devices, such as our own Mobile FleetIVMR App and creates these reports for you.  No more spending hours keeping hand-written records yourself or verifying and correcting your fleet drivers' records each week.

Here's one of our customers had to say .... "We're a FedEx Ground Contractor running around 20-25 trucks.  Our drivers LOVE THIS because 1) they don't have to spend time and sacrifice safety writing this down all the time and 2) our office staff were spending about 2-3 hours each week making sure the drivers logs were correct, more time if they weren't!  Now, with your IVMR generator, our drivers don't have to do ANYTHING and our office staff takes care of it in about 10 minutes each week.  Fantastic."

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